Sunday, 25 August 2013

Forks on!

It feels like a little progress is being made! It was a bit of a tedious
task but the forks are now installed. It started with re-spraying the cowls
as there was a dent in each that I wanted to remove. Then I discovered the
station sliders were threaded at the bottom ends and the bolts had a
shoulder that need to pass through this 'thread'. The securing nut on one
fork - the one that secures the lower bronze bush - was not threaded
correctly but fortunately I had a spare. The drain plug holes were
completely gummed up and the bores had a very difficult to remove sediment
in the bottom (I used carb cleaner to loosen the rubbish). All in all it
probably took me the best part of a day to sort out all of these issues
(whilst trying to sort out the engine cranks....)

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