Friday, 23 August 2013

Engine bits!


I never realised how complex it could become when I decided to rebuild the crank part of the engine on the 3T.

I must have around 6 engines and all mostly dismantled. Together with spares and suchlike, collected over the years, I have many cranks, rods and flywheels. So you you would think it a simple matter selecting the better components, fitting together and then voila, the bottom end is complete. If only! Most of the parts are of differing diameters and were either ordered as oversize options or have been machined to take up wear! The first engine has ended up with new old stock cranks and rods fitted to a matching flywheel. The second will have the same and the third will have refurbished cranks/rods with new white metal bearings etc. I would have used the flywheel assembly for the first engine but it was kindly pointed out to me that the assembly may not have ever been balanced. Once assembled I may end up getting the flywheel balanced.

So, the engine (lower end) should be together this weekend and I will post a celebratory photo!

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