Saturday, 26 December 2015

Various stainless parts

It becomes a bit obsessive but once the decision to start using Stainless steel parts  I want to make sure they all are (within reason). This picture is an example of one I remade.

It is one of the domed gearbox nuts.

Cylinders & Pistons

I have quite a few combinations of barrels and pistons and the time has now come to sort a set out for this bike. The first set I have chosen is +10 thou. The wear is minimal and the pistons are OK - what I'm not sure about are the rings. Fortunately I came across a set of NOS Triumph ones. I had been quoted near on £70 from a rings supplier for new ones!! So the next stage is to clean the bores, hone and fit the new rings.

Hopefully I will get the engine complete by the end of January!

A few progress photos..

Chains now on and starting to look more like a motorbike!

A photos of the rear setup.

Trial fit of the restored dynamo and making sure all the bolt holes line up!

Battery box bracket. I remade the bolt and spogots in stainless steel - like most fittings.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

More Electrics

It transpires I have the wrong points for the dynamo, so I want to source the correct ones before I finally test the Magneto. This unit is back together but needs a test before going into the bike and hence I would like the correct points. It is a bit of a gamble if it works but I have not invested much in it yet!

The Dynamo in now on the list and it has taken me a while to get to ordering the new armature. This was ordered as a kit with armature, bearing and field coil. with a trial fit, it was impossible to get the armature past the coil, so I used a couple of engineers clamps and tightened up the pole shoe against the case so that I could really tighten the screw and make sure the armature would pass past the shoe.

This technique worked a treat! I did have to drill out the middle fixing hole - the one that has a captive bolt and connects to the timing chain cover.

Apart from that, all the castings for the dynamo have been vapour blasted and I can now assemble with the new parts.  With new main bearing, it spins freely.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Some photos of the current work in progress!

I have a couple of Magnetos. Here is a shot of the rebuild of 2. The one on the right is not that good, so it may need a little more work. All castings have been vapour blasted.

A general view! The tank has been put on to keep me spurred on....

I have just completed the gearbox rebuild and need to finish off the speedo drive before fitting on the chain cases. Once fitted, the speedo drive is difficult to get to.

A close yup of the speedo drive - chain sprocket removed.

I'll soon be moving onto the engine barrels etc!!