Monday, 12 August 2013

Engine progression!

Today saw the timing side crankcases receive their new bushes. (As you can see, the cases have been vapour blasted)
The white metal bearing was replaced (new old stock) together with the cam bushes. There were two tricks I used here. The procedure was as follows:

  • Mark the cam bushes on the edge with a marker pen to indicate where the oil hole is.
  • Do the same on the crank case
  • This makes it easy to line up the bushes when fitting
  • Put the cam bushes and crank bush into the freezer for half an hour.
  • Put the crankcase into the oven for half an hour at 135degC
  • When ready remove and place on a couple of blocks.
  • Fit crank bush – this should only need minimal force to fit – I use a large wooden block as a drift.
  • Fit can bushes – alighning the marks previously made. To drift in, I use an old camshaft as a tool. Again not too much force is required. Make sure all bushes are fully home.
  • Make a final check that the oilways line up.
  • Same principle was done for the other crankcase – the bearing almost dropped in!

Job done!

Now to fit the camshafts, flywheel and cranks…

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