Monday, 9 November 2009

Chasing 3T parts!

What I am discovering is that some parts are easy to get and some are not! There is quite a lot of interchangeability between the 5T / Speed Twin and the 3T but there are some that seem to be special to the 3T. What also transpires is that some parts are just rare! Still it would be no fun if you could just go out and buy all the bits! I am still trying to source all the bits to finish off the front forks. What is proving difficult is the top yoke – H380 – I have one but it had been mullered (Handle bar lugs modified) BUT it will give me something to at least build up everything and test.

I have now organized the wheels to be re-done and I have sent off the tank for refurbishment. The wheels are to be built up from the existing hubs which will be renovated. Once question is whether I paint to sprung hub or polish it ?