Monday, 19 August 2013

Engine update...

I needed to see how the engine would fit together and test the new cam bushes with the camshafts. One was binding completely. So a strip down and a refit and bolt up had the same effect. The only answer would be to get an 13/16" reamer, make a bush and sort the blighter out!

Today I returned to my bench strewn with parts how I left it yesterday in disgust and reassembled it all again – both cams are free! What was that all about? The weather is the same. Maybe there was some dirt in the bushes but I doubt it. Anyway, on to the flywheel now.

I have now, I think, selected the best set of rods and crank arms that have the least wear (excluding ones I have had restored and a complete new assembly) I have had to use one new old stock con rod, a good arm, one new old stock crank (timing side) and a decent con rod. Play is minimal and I only need to check the small rod end of the used con rod before I assemble.

As a point of interest, the NOS crank assembly I have has no balancing drill holes on it, so I suspect this will need balancing if ever used.



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