Thursday, 1 August 2013

Engine casing repairs!

I may not have mentioned it but last year, whilst cleaning up my workshop I knocked off the shelf the casings for the 1st engine rebuild – aarrgghh! Anyway what we did was to fill the hole with plaster of Paris (actually it was a moulding material used by dental technicians) and then clamped the timing cover on and held all the bits together. The 3 bits were chamfered first so that the welder could weld up the aluminium better. The main problem in welding old castings is that they can be porous and contain oil. This makes welding a nightmare. The guy I used is very good and the end result looks good. I will post a photo of the casings later now that they are vapour blasted.
The above photos are not in order, but they will give you an idea of waht was entailed. The red paint was an accident at the same time!! (I had a bad day!)


  1. Hi there - just found you when looking for a 3T engine for my 1937 BSA, I want to build a B22 model that used the 3T engine. So - you have an engine for sale you say???

    1. Hi,
      I will have an engine for sale but not until I have finished these bikes off!! I have about 6 engines and I don't know what they are like internally, so each one needs to be stripped and inspected. Keep in touch if you don't find anything. They do come up for sale from time to time.
      Regards, Matt