Thursday, 17 March 2011

Update to bearings etc.

It doesnt take a lot of thought to realise I was assuming that the top yoke fitted flush onto the upper bearing cap/washer. Of course, on the 3T you can move the top yoke up and down the main nut to adjust the spacing of the top and lower yokes and thus everything fits perfectly! I slept on it and it seemed so obvious the next morning!
I now have the front rim on order (stainless steel) and once I have that, I will then get the front wheel build up.
The next job is to build my engine stand I have quite a few engines and want to build up three hence the engine stand.


  1. Hello!

    Great job and great blog.
    I'm actually planning to buy a 3T for restoration.
    Could you please give me some advices, regarding parts that are tricky to get, the most difficult step so far and also what is your overall approx. costs until know?

    Thanks a lot and good luck!



  2. Hi Miguel,
    The 3T is, without doubt, a very attractive bike. However, some parts are very difficult to get or repair. If you look for a bike, make sure you find one that is as original as possible and is also a complete as possible.
    I could not say what the costs are as I don't like to keep a record of that - it would probably put me off the rebuild!! Feel free to ask any questions shuold you wish,
    Regards, Matt

  3. Hey Matt,

    Discovered your blog, very nice. I like it and will visit frequently!

    I just started working on a 3T frame and starting to collect parts. Have a 3HW that I am also working on.

    So far I only got the fork, frame and an oiltank....

    Do you have any parts for sale? Toolbox, tank, mudguards, chaincase, stays, fittings etc?

    It would be great to hear from you!

    Carl in Sweden

  4. Hi Matt. I am from Portugal. I am 58 and the proud owner (since September 1975!) of a 1948 3T. Mine was totally original and has had a rebuild some years ago. It looks perfect although not concours! It is completely original apart from the usual parts that are impossible to last all those years.
    The only part I never had is the original Oil pressure gauge. I have a 60's one but it is not the one it should have.
    If you need pictures or info please contact me at my email:
    All th best and keep the good work!

  5. Thanks Fransisco,
    I will keep you in mind. Currently progress is very slow as I have been involved in other projects but am ready to start working on the bike again - once the weather warms up (I have no heating in my workshop!!)