Thursday, 15 March 2012

Slow progress

I hate the cold – for two reasons, one my body doesn’t like it and secondly, I can’t spend the odd evening in my workshop because of it. Heat it, I hear you say! Well, there are more holes in it than colander and I have tried – to little effect.

Anyway, progress has been slow and I have at last finished off the front hub.

The rear hub is next but it is a little damaged. The previous repairer has had a go at the bearings and they have damaged the washers.

Shaft layout below should help me remember where each bit goes:

I have about 4 engines to rebuild, so I thought I would make an engine stand – this is what it looked like:

Once I have sorted out the rear hub, they will be respoked with the new rims I have (Wassell)



  1. Progress may be slow but you are doing it properly therefore once a part is finished there will rarely be need to revisit it.
    Nice Work

    1. Never a truer word! Been working on the house but keen to get on with the 3T now the weather is getting better!

  2. Hi there,

    I've started on a similar project (but with even less components to begin with) and I'd love to see some more updates. There's not an awful lot about these machines on the internet, and so far this is the only blog I've found. How is the engine going, what did you replace, fix and/or modify?
    I'm keeping a similar log, you can find it on if you're interested.

    Best regards,