Sunday, 6 March 2011

The restoration starts in earnest!

Original bearing on the left - see below for details.

Top bearing fully installed

Lower yoke installed in heastock.

Above the forks start to take shape - looks more like a motorcycle now!!

Having spent ages trying to get parts cleaned, painted (tinware still to be
done) and collecting parts, one part that eluded me was the correct bearing
inner for the bottom yoke.
The top photograph shows the correct bearing on the left and the one on the right seems to be what people think it should be! It is difficult to see but the correct one has a slightly wider inner diameter - to go over a lip on the bottom of the lower fork tube. I now have the correct item and so I can start to re-assemble the front end of the bike. The new forks are from the 3TA but
only differ by a hole in the side near the top. This will be stopped with a small machine screw and locktited in. As it is covered by the fork covers it does not really matter. Where possible, I have used stainless fittings - the top nut for the yokes I had specially made by Will Horgan of Stainless Classics - what a super job he does on his work.

The next step will be to assemble the inner parts of the forks and sliders.

I also now have most of the engine parts so once I have built my engine
stand, I'll start on the rebuild of the engine - I have at least enough
parts to build 3 off!!!

It's a slow progress on this bike but rewarding at the same time! What I
can't fathom out is how much second hand spares now cost!

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