Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Seat frame mock up and test

I never had a seat with the bike and it has proved quite difficult to get any sensible answers relating to the seat and fixing. It would appear that the nearest is the Trophy or T90 style seat and I managed to get some photos of a seat on the bike together with a couple of other 3T's over the last few months.
The salient information is that the spring centres are 8" apart. Armed with this I bought a Wassell copy seat (Indian) and set about modifying it.

The frame requires the removal of the lower rear underneath bar.

Brackets to mount the springs are 1" wide and 1.5" x 1" angle (about 3mm thick)

The seat fits fairly well now and I shall make the brackets for the springs and rivet on. When it is finished, I will post a photo before fitting the cover.


  1. Just found the page, I have a 48 seat I can photo for you and measure if now at this late stage it will help any.

  2. Thanks Mike, I hve manged to insect an original and have got the brackets affixed to the frame. Too cold to do much more at the moment!